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Alpharetta Newborn Photographer | In-home Newborn Session


Spring is a busy time for newborn sessions, and this spring was no different! Lots of sweet babies born and even sweeter newborn sessions to photograph. These first-time parents had a sweet little girl, and we did their session in their Alpharetta townhome – which was so well decorated, if I say so! Looking for an Alpharetta newborn photographer? Learn more and contact me here.

Alpharetta mom and dad with newborn baby
Alpharetta newborn baby sleeping

When I get to a home for an in-home newborn session (more FAQs on those here), the first thing I do is walk around and take a peek at the light to decide where I’ll start. I typically begin sessions with baby-only shots, since baby is usually well fed and sleeping by the time I arrive (which are key to a successful session!). This couple had a little nook off of their bedroom that had a big window with great indirect sunlight, perfect for these shots! With their bedroom painted a grayish-purple hue, we got some studio-like images which make for a high-end look and will look wonderful printed on their walls.

After we were done in that area, we took a few in baby girl’s nursery. But with walls and ceilings all painted pink, I knew it wasn’t the ideal light – colored walls cast color back onto skin, which can make for unflattering skin tones. Another reason why you want an experienced Alpharetta newborn photographer taking your photos. We then went into their guest room on the bottom floor since the sun was no longer shining right into that room, and alas – the perfect scenario.

Mom borrowed a dress from the client closet (a Nothing Fits But favorite dress!), but then requested to change into something a bit more casual for a few more shots on the couch in the living room. We leaned into the casual look with some more casual poses, and the result was cozy and sweet. As you can see, using different areas and rooms in the house helped us be able to get a variety of images in a single session for your gallery! The key is using the best light you can find, and taking into account decor, wall color, wardrobe, etc. Take a look at more images below from this gorgeous in-home newborn session.

Alpharetta newborn photographer mom with baby
Alpharetta mom and dad with newborn
mom and dad on couch with newborn baby

Looking for an Alpharetta newborn photographer? Learn more and contact me here.


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