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Why Book a Studio Maternity Session | Atlanta Maternity Photographer


I get a lot of questions around whether or not a studio or outdoor maternity session is best (and I cover that answer in my post here). While there really is no wrong choice, below I’m sharing a few reasons why you might choose to book a studio maternity session over an outdoor session. As an Atlanta maternity photographer, I have the privilege of photographing so many expecting moms, and I share all these tips with them when they’re on the fence about a studio or outdoor maternity session.

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Reason #1: Multiple wardrobe options

Can’t decide on a single outfit, or interesting in photographing multiple looks? A studio makes this much easier! With a private bathroom and room to change, you can achieve multiple looks in a single session. Some mamas like to borrow a dress from my client wardrobe but then might change into jeans and a white button-down shirt for a more casual look. In the session below, mama borrowed a dress from my client closet (a Nothing Fits But favorite), but also brought her own black fitted dress for a more dramatic look as well. How amazing does she look in both!

atlanta maternity photographer

Reason #2: To avoid summer or winter temps

Expecting in the middle of the summer or winter? A studio maternity session might be a great option to avoid the dreadful Georgia summer heat or the cold temps in the winter (and yes, it does get cold in Atlanta in the winter!). As an Atlanta maternity photographer, the summer can be rough for my expecting mamas! Let’s face it, you’re already hotter than normal and sweat more easily when you’re 30+ weeks pregnant. Doesn’t an air-conditioned studio to escape from the heat sound great in that case? I think so!

Reason #3: More flexibility in scheduling

Because the studio has consistent and steady lighting with lots of windows, it can be used pretty much all day long (morning to late afternoon). This is unlike an outdoor session, where we might only be able to shoot early in the morning, later in the afternoon or closer to sunset to avoid harsh shadows when the sun is high in the sky in the middle of the day. This can make scheduling much easier, especially on expecting mamas with other little ones who might need to coordinate around nap times, etc. We wouldn’t normally shoot an outdoor session right at noon, but studio session then? Gorgeous!

atlanta studio maternity photographer
atlanta maternity photographer

Reason #4: To achieve a super consistent look

Consistency is key to all of my images and sessions, but with the studio, images are extra consistent due to the same exact light, wall and floor color, etc. throughout the session. You can still have different wardrobe options while maintaining “consistency” throughout a gallery (I’m not going back on my reason #1 here!). During an outdoor session, we may move from spot to spot to purposely create variety in the gallery. If you like a more consistent look for your session, a studio is a great way to achieve just that. Don’t worry, the gallery for a studio maternity session will still have tons of variety! I achieve that with different angles, poses, etc.

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