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Why Book a Studio Newborn Session | Atlanta Newborn Photographer


There are many reasons why an in-studio newborn session might make sense for you and your family. I recently had a beautiful newborn session with a family of four at The Cottage Studio in Forsyth, about an hour north of Atlanta. If you’re looking for an Atlanta newborn photographer, and are interested in a studio, it is the perfect spot – gorgeous, diffused light from multiple windows, all-white for a bright and airy look, and neutral and modern furniture options for various looks. 

If you’re looking for an Atlanta newborn photographer, and aren’t sure whether an in-home or studio session is right for you, let me share with you reasons why you might consider a studio newborn session. 

To achieve a consistent look.

If consist your portraits is important to you, then an in-studio newborn session is the way to go. With a single space and the same lighting scenario to work from, your images will have a concision color, background, etc. If you plan to arrange multiple images in a gallery wall, this might be something worth considering.

Your home isn’t photoshoot ready.

If you’ve recently moved, are undergoing a renovation, or simply aren’t sure how your home might look in photographs, then a studio session is a great option for you! I have many clients worried about the amount of natural light in their home, or don’t feel their decor will achieve the look they’re looking for, both of which a studio can help solve.

To avoid having to straighten up.

Let’s face it – you just had a baby, you’re running on very little sleep and your emotions are high – the last thing you may want to do is have to worry about hosting a photographer in your home for a 3-hour long newborn session. If you simply don’t want to have to worry about straightening up your home, then a studio session is for you! So leave the bottles in the sink and burp cloths on the floor. Simply get yourself and family ready (and that’s no small feat alone!) and show up to a beautiful, natural-lit studio where you know you’ll get fabulous images.

Interested in booking a newborn session? Contact me for more information!

in studio newborn session
In-studio newborn session at The Cottage Studio


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