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Why You should Take Maternity Photos | Atlanta Maternity Photographer


Fun fact: I LOVE maternity photos. There’s just something so special about capturing all the emotions surrounding the anticipation of your baby’s arrival. Whether its your first or fourth, it is such a sweet season that deserves to be captured.

I might not speak for the majority here, but I loved being pregnant. That might also be why I might love these sessions so much. I’m lucky that my daughter gave me a pretty easy pregnancy (insomnia and fatigue being my worst symptoms), and I remember being so glad that we had our own maternity photos taken. I was so nervous to get them back because we took them on a hot Atlanta September evening, and I was worried that I would look as puffy as I felt. I remember being in the Target parking lot waiting on a drive-up order while looking through the gallery I just received on my phone. I called my mom in near tears and said, “I look (and feel) beautiful in these!” And I did feel beautiful. And you deserve to feel beautiful, too.

I hear a lot clients interested in newborn photos say, “maternity photos aren’t really my thing.” Maybe you’ve even thought that too. Well, I’m here to help change your mind. I want to share a few reasons why I wholeheartedly believe you should take maternity photos. I promise, you won’t regret it.

maternity photos

Reason #1: Your body is amazing and you deserve to have your beauty captured.

I know you might not feel amazing, especially when you’re 30+ weeks pregnant and getting bigger what feels like every single day. But whether you love being pregnant or not, one fact remains true: your body is AMAZING. Yes, amazing. You are capable of growing and nurturing life, and that alone is worth celebrating.

When I was pregnant, my husband used to say how women far exceed men in every possible way (I mean, obviously). One of the reasons being that we are capable of growing life inside of us. Well that, and maybe also just because we have the sniffles doesn’t mean we have the flu…but that’s a post for another day. At the end of the day, your growing body (and family) is a beautiful story worth capturing.

Reason #2: You’ll be able to share the images with your baby one day.

How cool will it be when you can share with your child images of when he or she was in your belly? To be able to share details or funny memories of what it was like being pregnant (“I couldn’t stop eating everything bagels loaded with cream cheese!”) with them one day? It is part of your growing family’s story, and while they won’t remember that time, they’ll make memories from the images you invested in.

Reason #3: This season simply won’t last forever.

But you already know that, don’t you? Maybe you’re even wishing it this season was over already (I had my fair share of those moments too, don’t worry). And I know, you’re tired of everyone already telling you that “time is fleeting” and “you’ll miss being pregnant one day.” Maybe you’ve heard of people having phantom kicks or missing their pregnant bellies. The simple fact is that this season is just that – a season. One that will come to an end and one that will fade from your memories if you don’t capture it.

So, have I convinced you yet? I’d be honored to capture this season of life for you and your growing family. Please reach out to me here, and I’ll be in touch!


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