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Garden Milestone Session | Roswell Family Photographer


I’m here to share photos from this sweet, sun-dressed morning family session celebrated a little one’s first year milestone. Also a few ways I ensure a smooth family session. We took these photos at historic Barrington Hall in Roswell, GA, a popular spot among the Roswell family photographer community. It is the home of Barrington King, the son of Roswell King, the founder of Roswell. Isn’t that cool! It’s a great spot most any time of the day and offers a lot of variety with photos in the garden, the beautiful historic white home, tree-filled grassy areas, and more.

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As a Roswell Family Photographer, it’s important for me to keep family schedules and the weather top of mind. So we chose to start our session before 9am to beat the Georgia heat and ensure a happy baby before his first morning nap. And, it worked! Take a look at how smiley he was. Also, most of these photos were taken in the first few minutes!

mom and dad with baby boy

I love the way the light comes around the corner of the home in the morning. It makes the images feel drenched with light, while also keeping their faces shaded from the sun. The flowers were blooming, and it smelled of fresh lavender. How lovely! Now, if only I knew more about flowers and could share more about what was blooming… but that’s for another day. For now, I’ll stick to my camera.

A few ways I ensure a smooth family session:

  • Schedule around nap time. Sometimes this can be tough based on what time you like to take photos, but I promise, a tired and cranky baby is tougher to work with!
  • Schedule around the weather. This is especially true in the summer and winter so that the kids aren’t too hot or cold. Choose a morning summer session or a late afternoon winter session.
  • Prep the family. Work with the family on coordinating outfit choices, bringing mess-free snacks, and how to prepare and what to expect. This makes sure everyone is on the same page.
  • Create variety. It’s important to hold attention by choosing a location with variety. Also, bring props like a wooden stool or natural wooden blocks to help keep kids interested and not distracted.
mom with baby boy in park

This mom did a great job at choosing neutral options for the family. And she borrowed a dress from my client closet, a Nothing Fits But Kiko Dress, a client favorite – it truly looks good on everyone! Also, fun fact – we have been friends since high school, so this wasn’t just a normal session, but also a morning spent with great friends celebrating their sweet son turning one!

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