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Client Closet: Reasons Photographers Should Consider Offering One

For Photographers

Atlanta newborn photographer client closet

Having a client closet can look different from photographer to photographer. You can offer wardrobe just for moms, for moms and kids, or even for the entire family. For me, providing a wardrobe of flattering yet comfortable dresses for my expecting and postpartum moms has not only enhanced my client experience, but also helped my brand maintain consistency and an elevated look. If you’re not sure on whether or not you should consider starting a client closet, take a look at the below.

Things to Consider Before Building a Client Closet

Clients: do you photograph all types of sessions, from seniors to families to weddings? Or have you narrowed in on a niche like families or newborn photography? As an Atlanta newborn and maternity photographer, I source dresses that fit both expecting and postpartum moms, which makes the wardrobe multi-purpose and go a long way. Who are you clients and would they benefit from this additional service? If you’re not sure, the answer is no. If your answer is yes, keep reading.

Budget: Do you have budget to invest in a client closet? If you’re short on cash, or still in the beginning phases of building your business, it might not be the best time to start. Instead, I recommend using wardrobe guides and consulting with your clients on what they should wear until you’re ready to begin investing in a client closet. But if you’re ready to provide a more luxury offering to enhance your client experience, then the investment might be worthwhile.

Price Point: When introducing a new offering like a client closet, you need to be sure your pricing can both reflect this service as well as support it financially. Plan for a set dollar amount from each session to go towards your client closet “fund.” You’ll also want to think about raising your prices so that you can continue to support this newly added expense.

Logistics: There are new logistics that come with building a wardrobe and offering a client closet. Where will you store the clothes? Can you keep up with laundry and taking care of your wardrobe (washing, steaming and ironing as needed)? If you don’t have a studio, will you do wardrobe appointments on location or at your home? How will clients choose clothes? Virtually via email or text, or in-person?

If you’re not sure on the answers to the above considerations or if now is the time to invest in a client closet, take a look at many reasons having a client closet can benefit you, your clients and your brand.

Some of my favorite brands in my client closet include Nothing Fits But, Free People, and more.

Benefits of Having a Client Closet

Enhanced Client Experience: What client won’t love having one less thing to worry about when preparing their family for a photo session? I’ve found this especially true for expecting and postpartum moms. Maternity-friendly dresses are more common now than they used to be, but options can be limited if you don’t know where to look. And let’s face it – it’s really tough to shop when you don’t know what size you are and you don’t feel your best. Offering a client closet saves your clients time, stress and money while looking great at the same time.

Consistency in Images: Consistency is incredibly important when it comes to your brand as a photographer. Clients expect to their gallery to look like the work they see on your website or social media. A great way to create consistency in your imagery is to have your clients wear your wardrobe so you, as the photographer, have control over what they wear. Clothing has a huge impact on the overall aesthetic. An image with clients wearing navy, blacks and browns will look starkly different compared to an image where clients wear neutrals and light or pastel colors. If you’re stuck on how to achieve consistency in your images, client wardrobe is one factor you can control for relatively easily.

Competitive Advantage: The photography marketplace is saturated with photographers of all types, meaning you need to work even harder to stand out. Having a client wardrobe can set you apart from other photographers within a similar niche and price point. I will say that many family or motherhood photographers these days do offer a wardrobe, so not doing so could actually give you a disadvantage.

Opportunity to Upcharge: While it might be an an initial investment to begin a client closet, it should provide opportunities for more profit in the long run. Not only may it potentially bring in new or more clients, but you can charge a higher price for your existing clients with this new offering. In fact, you should raise your prices because to remain profitable, you have to take your wardrobe into account in the overall cost it takes to run your business.

Are you ready to take the leap to investing in a client wardrobe and providing your clients with an enhanced experience while helping your own business and brand? I promise, you won’t regret it!

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